VA Loan Calculator

When qualified borrowers use our approved Military Relocation Agents to purchase a VA Condo or home and use a VA Loan, they have the ability to buy a home without any money out of pocket!

As an Active duty, Veteran or Surviving spouse, you have the ability to get 100% financing + 50% commission back when buying a VA approved Condo. This credit can be applied towards your closing costs including rate buy downs, VA funding fees and other recurring or non-recurring closing costs. To get started, determine how much you can qualify for using our VA Loan Calculator.

This VA Mortgage Calculator will run an amortization schedule showing your total monthly payments. It will also breakdown how much will go towards your principle vs. interest and your total principle reduction over the course of your loan.

E.g. For a $350,000 VA Loan at 4.75% Interest and $0 down. The VA Loan Calculator will produce the following results:

“Since Principal and Interest are not the only factors of a loan we should include an estimate for other costs involved with a loan.

  •  An average tax figure for your purchase might be about $13.50 for every $1,000.00 assessed value per year. If the assessed value of your home is 85%, this would make your home’s assessed value $297,500.00 and your monthly tax around $334.69
  •  Homeowners Insurance is another factor of a loan. An average estimate of your monthly insurance could be about $145.83

With these factors, your total monthly payment estimate would be around $2,306.29″

We recommend emailing this report to yourself, so that you can compare with your loan officer and Military Relocation Agent.
Make sure to select “Send a PDF report to your email?.”

VA Mortgage Calculator